FREE 8 week Plan eBook how you can use automationstory telling & social media to build strong relationships & sell your service even before they have even picked up the phone.



Build a funnel that focuses on the wants and desires of the potential client and aim to fulfil that need before any physical contact has been made.



Use behavior-based email-automation and engagement hacks to build real relationships



Combine an awesome promotion & education offer to grow an email list of eager investors in your service.


Epiphany Bridge - Eureka Moment

"YOU didn't buy into the new opportunity because of all the logical technobabble.  You bought in because of some emotional experience that happened BEFORE you geeked out. You had an epiphany FIRST, and that caused you to move forward. People don't buy logically, they buy based on emotion. Then they use logic to justify the purchase decision they've already made". RUSSELL BRUNSON (EXPERT SECRETS)


“I would rather hire a man with enthusiasm,

than a man who knows everything.”― John D. Rockefeller

My definition for marketing:

The job of a marketer is take blah blah blah And turn it into something..

Compelling, interesting, enjoyable and fun.

So that the reader's emotional response system is activated

Buying decisions are ALWAYS emotional and therefore that is where the aim all marketing should be.

We do not make decision because of a bunch of technical jargon, although it may help somewhat.

We are speaking to real business owners, not FM robots.

So much of the FM industry is filled with industry standard jargon​.

What if this could be simplified and put into a form that the average business owner could comprehend or at least keep the attention of the reader.​

At the end of the second page you will see some examples of exactly this. But to understand it you must read everything until then.

Is that a fair deal?


Let’s go on :)

Can I ask you a question?

I will put it in the form of hypothetical situation.

Let’s say you hire someone to do the

SEO, Social media marketing and other related tasks

And they optimise your pages (all of which I can do as well).

They write some new blog posts about the business.

They do some presentations.

And all the other tasks.

How will you collect email subscribers?

Do they have an automation system to attract, convince, influence and convert to a buying customer.

How will you provide engaging, interesting and useful content and open up the relationship, before they have even picked up the phone?

80% of people that click on a website.

If they haven’t found something compelling with 3-8 seconds.

They click off your page and

Do something better with their time.

They are GONE……

With an 80% chance they will never return.

You may say….

Well our business is different.

We have spelled out what we offer in correct terms.

Industry buzz words.

Powerful, influential terms….

How is that working out for you?​

Can I ask you how many potential opportunities are you leaving on the table because you fail to capture an email?

50,100, 200, 300% ​


Let me introduce you to the Power of Relationship Funnelling.

With a difference.

But before we get into that can I ask you something else?

How much time, money and energy have you spent?

Building out your social media presence.

Having someone write the copy for your website.

And the bounce rate is high.

And the time spent on page extremely low.

Has it really done what the business wanted?

On a scale of 1 to 10

1 being poor and 10 being awesome.​

How would you rate your marketing?​

Have you got that number in mind?


What if I could move that number from where it is.

To where you want it to be

Using the precise system that you have been embarking on.

Yes you heard it.

Although not perfect. Had one purpose.

Build a relationship, Rapport, Trust, Confidence.


How effective has your current model proved to you.

Apart from how boring it is.

So much blah blah blah

No depth and no stories

No engaging content

And for me the desire to read faster.

I really had to have a good reason to continue reading.

But it was painful.

And only the promo videos could save the day!

Want to see an example of something different?

Check this out! Before and after.

And only took 30 minutes to put together.

So it needs work.

But can you see the possibilities!!

Before: http://cloudfmgroup.com/facilities-management/

compare that to ​

​After: http://samueldadams.co.uk/cloud-fm-page-2-o/

OK so this is a crude example.

And normally I would spend much more time on it!

But imagine ​the potential there is to actually making FM interesting?

Have you ever seen a marketing model that could pull in clients.

Turn them into eager buyers without even picking up the phone?

Could capture your audience's attention.

With something they wanted to read within the FM industry?

And not what you wanted to give them (like a brochure).

Most business websites are full of nice information.

Video’s and Testimonials and seeming reasons to join the business.


Why do people really make decisions?

Money? Service? Reliability? Reviews?

No……. :)

We do things because we have an emotional stimulus

That tells us to take the action.

Especially when it comes to making a big decision

Like putting your business in the hands of CloudFM

People are living from the gut and then from the head

The same applies for your social media presence.​

The reason that your social media pages are a ghost town

Is because there is no real engagement

We don't have the time to be best friends with everyone.

But we can post what others like and.

Share what other businesses are posting.​

And we can use automation.

So our aim is to engage and interact with highly targeted business owners that are ready!

Ready to take the leap.

Bruce lee might say

‘It’s the art of selling without selling’

Most Marketers use advert and then are directed the sales page.

But that's not efficient or effective and brings on average

A tiny 1% response rate.

The real aim should be for engagement

A highly targeted, responsive email list.

So you might be asking.

How can we use things like social media?

To increase sales and bring a greater awareness to the company.

Facebook  and social media platforms are amazing for fine tuning the audience.

And the relationship funnel is net to capture those highly targeted leads.​

So that you can:​

  1. Send the right message

  2. To the right person

  3. At the right time.

  4. Using the correct stimulus

  5. In an automated process

​I had an interesting experience recently.

I went to a chip shop recently

The ownership of the shop had changed hands

A new turkish owner had taken over

I ordered chips

They were awful

We had been going to that chip shop for years

But now I would not go back

The same thing happens in social media

People expect funny, interesting, passionate

Compelling and so…

When they get to social media pages of a business

They get

Boring..... No likes no action. 

People don't go to social media to read about you.

They go there to be entertained.​

People go to a fish and chip shop to eat chips NOT kebab.​

If you went out on a date and all the other person did was talk about themselves.

You would probably think twice about doing that again.

​It's the same with social media. You must show interest in others.

And this is possible

And How?​ To find out.......